Outdoor Unit

*Frequency Agile Unit

The AM1000A unit will allow the frequency to be selected with switches. If you know that you will need to be change frequencies often then buying the AM1000A version may be the correct choice for you. The only differences between the Am1000C and AM1000A is the crystal/agile option. And synching of multiple units on the same frequency without heterodyne effects is not possible. Synching using a different frequency for transmitters closely spaced together is the only means possible for avoiding interference from the other transmitters in the network.

The outdoor unit is ready to mount to your building, pole, or any suitable location. Once mounted, the unit is cabled to your audio and power source using 2 pair shielded wire.

You can drive the RangeMaster AM1000 FCC certified transmitter with audio from almost any audio source. Customers use CD players, computers, digital players, and many other sources. If you specify your audio source when ordering we will try to provide any needed interface though the included AM1000PR audio adapter will provide the needed interface for most situations.

A audio adapter (AM1000PR) is included with the transmitter that will adapt the 600 ohm balanced audio the transmitter uses to an unbalanced 3.5mm jack. Download this PDF file for audio connection information.

A standard 16-volt wall transformer is included for a power source.

The Rangemaster can be modulated 130% positive and 90% negative peak for that "BIG" station sound! A variety of professional Broadcast quality Audio Processors are available to enhance your station’s sound and legally allows you to increase your range. Visit the LPAM Network website for more details.

Don't want to fool with a voltmeter when tuning the unit? A new tuning feature can be installed for a small fee that can tune the unit more easily and without a volt ohm meter.

The Hamilton Rangemaster should be installed by a person with some technical experience with radio electronics or a broadcast engineering background. This will insure that proper safety precautions are taken when installing the unit and also insure the unit is installed to prevent a potential safety hazard.

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