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Discussions concerning indirectly related topics to the Rangemaster such as Part 15 AM radio station operation including programming, technical issues, sales and marketing etc. are also welcome. Topics concerning the day to day operations of your Part 15 AM station are also welcome.

Owners and Users of other FCC Type Accepted transmitters like the Chez Radio Procaster, Grain Industries, Talking House, I.AM and others are welcome to discuss their stations and any of the above topics as well. Discussions pertaining to Part 15 kits or transmitters that have not been Certified by the FCC for Part 15 AM usage is discouraged and may result in the post being removed.

Basic rules for participating apply and follow. Use common sense. Please watch your language. Please avoid posting material that could be deemed as inflammatory, offensive or potentially endorses illegal activities. Discussion about kits that are not FCC approved is prohibited. Discussions concerning FM broadcasting of any type is also discouraged. Please try to stay on course with your topics as they relate directly to Part 15 AM broadcasting and the use of FCC Type Certified transmitters for Part 15 AM broadcast use.

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