Inquiry on 07/16/2018 from Keith Hamilton of Rangemaster Transmitters:


I am a manufacturer of a certified AM transmitter (NWXAM1000). I am getting inquires from customers about this new Pirate Radio law. I am thinking that operators of FCC certified transmitters that are operating within Part 15 rules have nothing to fear from the new law. I am telling them that this law is designed for those who are "pirates", those who operate uncertified transmitters, do no operate within any rules, do not cooperate with the FCC , ect. Could you offer some clarification/ confirmation I could pass on to my customers?

FCC response on 08/01/2018

“(1) PIRATE RADIO BROADCASTING.—The term ‘pirate radio broadcasting’ means the transmission of communications on spectrum frequencies between 535 to 1705 kHz or 87.7 to 108 MHz without a license issued by the Federal Communications Commission, but does not include unlicensed operations in compliance with part 15 of title 47, Code of Federal Regulations.”
As of yet FCC rules have not changed. As we understand, the proposed Pirate Act would not have an effect on unlicensed operation with approved and appropriately operated devices.
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